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Depending on whether you’re keeping a personal or business blog, there are different types of content that you can include in your weblog.

Personal blogs, as the term suggests, often include blog entries that are of personal interest to the blogger. These may be diary-like entries about the blog author’s experiences, feelings, thoughts and relationships.

Some personal blogs may just focus on a particular theme. For example, a blogger who loves to write may just blog anything and everything about writing (e.g. books, authors, quotations about writing, freelance work, publishing, etc.). Other themes that various individuals may blog about are: art, photography, pregnancy, family life, health, weight loss, babies, computers, music, poetry, food, politics, and sports.

Other types of blog content that personal bloggers include in their blogs are memes, collaborations, and community projects, as well as fun stuff like quizzes, brain teasers, and games.


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